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Roisin Povall founded ORSINI™ in 2008, as a business focused on improvement. In 2021, the business focus remains; to help people and businesses with improvement, by coaching and consulting.

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Valuable Experience

Passion for business and people improvement

Through hard work and dedication, she worked her way up to being awarded Finance Executive and Commercial Director roles at a young age, always spurred by her desire for self-improvement and to help others grow.  Roisin’s ability to identify opportunities, improve on efficiency and, ultimately, grow shareholder value led to her being granted the responsibility of delivering substantial growth in turnover and profitability, along with her co-directors. In the process, Roisin has gained invaluable experience working with suppliers, procurement, risk, manufacturing, managing outsourced shared services, acquisitions, sales, and customers, and of course finance.”

After taking an extended break from the world of business to dedicate to her family, Roisin qualified as a Business Coach and is excited to be working again.

Roisin Povall

How we can help you

Business Coaching

ORSINI™ works with decision makers in business who are ambitious and driven, with the desire for growth and improvement in business performance; including entrepreneurs in start-up businesses, business owners and executives, and management teams who run businesses.

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Executive Coaching

As a high-potential employee, ORSINI™ will act as a sounding board to help you gain better self-awareness, to clarify your goals and help you achieve your development objectives; in other words to unlock your potential and optimise your competence and confidence in the workplace

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Business Consulting

To make improvements in your business while maintaining your role as a business owner can be a challenge. ORSINI™ will help you to increase the size and profitability of your business, to develop your team, and to optimise your processes and systems, resulting in a successful, sustainable business.

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